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About the Programme


All participants are required to execute, before the start of the program, an agreement that consists of the standard Program Terms and Conditions. It has the following components:

  • Part A: Etiquette and Platform Rights
    • Classroom Etiquette & General Policy Guidelines
    • Tools and Platforms in Use
    • Tools and Platforms: Terms of Use
  • Part B: Honor Code
  • Part C: Certification
  • Part D: Program Fee, Refund and Termination Policy

Selection Process

Programme Fee

Participants who are not holding an Indian Passport or are not residing in India will be considered as an International Participant.

Building deep-tech expertise is an absolute necessity for professionals in this fast-changing world that is constantly disrupted by technology.

Professionals have multiple options for funding.

  1. Sponsored by employer
  2. Self-funded

Based on our experience in enabling 3000 professionals who have participated in our executive programs, self-funding seemed to be the most preferred option with over 80% choosing this.

Three key reasons why professionals opt for it:

  1. Freedom: To opt for a program of their choice, at a time of their choice, with an institution of their choice and not be restrained by organisation’s policy.
  2. Flexibility: To pursue greater career opportunities well even beyond their current employer or to nurture their entrepreneurial ambitions.
  3. Funding: Access to flexible EMI schemes (Paying as low as Rs. 5,550 per lac per month).

We have also observed that the commitment levels were higher among self-funding participants.

Content and Grades

Schedule and Details

Campus Visit

A 3-day visit to IIM Calcutta campus has been planned towards the end of the programme. The campus visit will be held depending on the pandemic situation. A decision on the same will be taken once the programme starts. In case the campus visit is not held, the on-campus sessions will also be held via live interactive classes.

The campus visit is a crucial part of this programme. It facilitates the in-class experience of face-to-face sessions. Participants not only get the opportunity to meet the faculty members and network amongst themselves, they also get a chance to immerse in the rich academic environment of the Institute.

There are study areas and social spaces open to the entire community on the campus. The participants can also avail the library facilities while on campus.

Yes, the campus visit, if scheduled, will be mandatory for the successful completion of the programme. However, if the campus visit is not held owing to Covid-19 situation, the on-campus sessions will be delivered via live interactive classes.

Accommodation to participants staying on-campus during the IIM Calcutta campus visit will be provided in the Management Development Centre of IIM Calcutta, which has well-furnished air-conditioned rooms, all provided with seamless internet connectivity, intercom facility, private verandas, and en-suite bathrooms. There will only be 75 rooms available on campus and the accommodation will be provided on a single-occupancy basis. Participants who choose to stay off-campus during the 3-day IIM Calcutta campus visit have to arrange their own accommodation.

Campus fee will be ₹24000+GST (@ ₹8000+GST per day) for participants staying on campus and ₹15000+GST (@ ₹5000+GST per day) for participants staying off-campus during the campus module. There will be a cap of 75 rooms for on-campus accommodation.

Career Accelerator

Program participants of all the DeepTech programs by TalentSprint are eligible to join the Career Accelerator.

Our Career Support platform will provide you the resources to help you showcase your professional profile with certification and capstone project experience on TalentSprint Alumni Network, LinkedIn, GitHub, Kaggle, among other platforms.

After the successful completion of your cohort of the program, you will get priority access to career opportunities in the industry through an exclusive Alumni portal. This will include internal job postings, job opportunities notifications shared by your peers, and personalized mentorship based on industry and experience.

Guidance on building a compelling professional profile with a DeepTech edge on various platforms., interview preparation and more.

Program participants can apply for startup mentorship. If selected, they get mentorship from experts and like-minded professionals.

You will find openings from leading global companies and exciting startups and others within the Career Accelerator.

No, TalentSprint will not be conducting placement drives. However you will get access to job opportunities and right guidance to help you in getting selected.

Career opportunities are updated as and when a program alumni posts it or when there is a suitable opportunity through our wide industry, alumni and peer network.

You get inputs from the alumni and peer network.

Yes, they can always update their profile at TalentSprint's alumni page. In case they come across any issues doing that, then our Career Accelerator Executive will be happy to help.

With TalentSprint's exclusive DeepTech community, you get a chance to network with industry peers and peers from different programs of TalentSprint. You get to find complementing synergies of common interests and learn about market developments and opportunities. Plus, you can get exclusive invitations for the DeepTalk Interactive Series, where leaders discuss all things DeepTech.

No, this is an exclusive initiative of TalentSprint and not connected with our partner institutions.

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